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Posted on September 3, 2021


Project Desciption

Best freelancing websites in Bangladesh to earn money online. Freelancing websites to earn money online are listed for any type of freelancing jobs.


www.bdlancer.net website is now trying to introduce the Bangladeshi freelancers to the world market. We have seen many talented people are jobless in this pandemic situation of the world and they are looking for a job. So for the covid-19 the situation of the world economy has changed. People are falling in dangerous condition. Maximum people are going to jobless so freelance is the solution. Their earning is in a great risk. So we just want to do something for this people. we have just tried to build up a platform so that people can get freelancing jobs online in Bangladesh and earn money online. Also the situation of the world is like that the company is offering home base job. That’s why we also thought about the remote jobs so that people can earn through this websites in Bangladesh want to ensure you to a standard online jobs in your career. We have set-up the jobs payment condition through online. So that they can earn and take money to their hands through online. So we wanted to match these peoples in a platform so that they can exchange their talents through this platform.  As a result we have build Bdlancer.net. If people use it and get benefit from this platform it will be a great pleasure for us. We want to laugh with the jobless people. We want to ensure their earning through this platform. In this freelance jobs online platform we want to ensure that a job provider will get the professional services from our expert freelancers. https://www.tubebuddy.com/Gias All services tools and technologies are arranging through online. So now a day there is no other ways but become a Freelancer. So we believe it should be ultimate choice to — Become a freelancer .https://bdlancer.net/category/all-freelancing-jobs/ https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13942305/ https://www.facebook.com/Bdlancer/?ref=pages_you_manage

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Affiliate Marketing

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Nayon Hossain

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your dream

MD. Masum Kazi

Masum Kazi


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Your website is not ready, and design quality & color combination is too poor.

Shakil Miah



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your website is not well built and properly organized. kindly do it first. I appreciate your initiative. All the very best.