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  • Shuvojit Das

    Graphic Designer

    5 years experience 0 projects worked 100.00৳/hr 0৳ earned

    I’m a Professional Graphic Designer with 5 years experience. I’m a hard working and always promised to objective is your satisfaction. My Skills In: 1. Adobe Photoshop 2. Adobe Illustrator 3. Photo Editing 4. Photo Retouching 5. Photo Manipulation 6. Logo Design 7. Banner Design 8. Business Card Design 9. Poster Design 10. Flyer Design 11. Background Remove. Thank you.

  • Monsur Ashiq

    Content Maker, Digital Media Editor

    1 year experience 0 projects worked 50.00৳/hr 0৳ earned

    ডিজাইনিং শুধু আমার পেশা নয়, একটি প্যাশনও। পূর্ণকালীন ফ্রিল্যান্সার হিসাবে, আমি 7 বছর ধরে বিভিন্ন ধরণের বড় ব্যবসা, ছোট ব্যবসা এবং স্বতন্ত্র কোম্পানির সাথে কাজ করেছি।

    ** এখানে আমার কিছু বৈশিষ্ট্য যা আমাকে ভিড় থেকে আলাদা করে নিতে পারে **

    # সম্পূর্ণ সন্তুষ্টি সহ মানের কাজগুলি প্রদান করুন।

    # ইংরেজিতে সহজ এবং স্পষ্ট যোগাযোগ।

    # উপলব্ধ সর্বোচ্চ সময় এবং আপওয়ার্ক দ্বারা দ্রুত প্রতিক্রিয়া।

    # টাইমফ্রেম, উইকএন্ড, ছুটির দিনে কাজ করতে পারে।

    # মার্কিন ব্যবসায়িক সময়ে সক্রিয়।

    আমার সম্পূর্ণ পোর্টফোলিও বা…

  • Abu Sayed

    Professional Graphics Designer

    3 years experience 0 projects worked 50.00৳/hr 0৳ earned

    Welcome! I’m Sayed. I’ve been working successfully as a graphics designer for 3+ years. I have a big Photo Editor Team. That name is ” Global CPS” and I’m the Team Leader. I provide all types of image editing services like Background Removal, Clipping Path, Object Remove, Jewelry & Product Retouching, Cloth Wrinkle Remove, Neck Joint, etc. I handle any simple or complex projects very professional way with my team. I can Achieve success through world-class work and client satisfaction…

  • Arifur Rahaman Chowdhury

    Professional, Copywriting, Data Entry, Freelancer, ETC

    5 years experience 0 projects worked 100.00৳/hr 0৳ earned

    I am always active this work

  • MD Waliullah

    Customer satisfaction is my frist priority

    1 year experience 0 projects worked 40.00৳/hr 0৳ earned

    Hello Buyer. I am Waliullah. I work full-time at shadhin kaj Marketplace. I believe I can give you your job with great care. All the services that you will get from me:- ☞ Adobe Photoshop ☞ Adobe Illustrator ☞ T-shirt Design ☞ Business Card Design ☞ Brochure Design ☞ Banner Design ☞ Photo Editing ☞ Logo Design ☞ Background Removal ☞ Stationery Design ☞ Social Media Design ☞ Flyer Design ☞ Image Editing ☞ Graphic Design ☞ Clipping Path You…

  • Abdullah Al Riad


    2 years experience 0 projects worked 100.00৳/hr 0৳ earned

    Hi… I am Abdullah Al Riad,I am SEO & Digital Marketing expert and also article writer. I have lots of experience with SEO, Web Design, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Web Analytics, Video Marketing, etc. I will provide your website in google’s first page and targeted traffic or lead.

  • Saif Ahmed

    Digital Marketing Specialist

    4 years experience 0 projects worked 200.00৳/hr 0৳ earned

    Hi, I’m Saif Ahmed and Professional marketer manager with 4+ years of experience in digital marketing. Social media marketing experience, including SEO, SEM, IG, Email, FB, Google, and LinkedIn advertising. I have done lot of work in local markets. You can hire me to grow your business. I prioritize client satisfaction. Because I know that only client satisfaction enhances a business. I promise that with no refund guarantee, unlimited corrections will be made until your complete satisfaction. You can get…

  • Readul Karim Jewell


    0 years experience 0 projects worked 100.00৳/hr 0৳ earned


  • ZKE Sabbir

    Professional Graphic Designer

    5 years experience 0 projects worked 100.00৳/hr 0৳ earned

    Hi There, This is zke sabbir. I’m a graphic designer with a great passion for creating High Quality and Awesome designs. I have experience in graphic design for Company Profile, Business Brochure, business card, Flyer, stationery and printing Design. I always passionate to take you unique and creative design with unlimited revision. Because your satisfaction is my big target. So, I am very confident 100% unique and creative design on our business. You will get the best as…

  • Saida Asha

    Virtual Assistant | Web Research | Lead Generation Expert

    3 years experience 0 projects worked 30.00৳/hr 0৳ earned

    Hello Sir,

    Myself Ummey Saida and I am a Virtual Assistant ,Web Researcher & Lead​ Generation​ Expert.

    I am a dedicated and hardworking person who believes in honesty and good working relation.Though I am new at  this sector of job but I have certain qualities which makes me good at this.

    I am very skilled in Lead Generation, Web Research, Virtual Assistant, Data Entry and Excel works. If you hire me, you will get many services…

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