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Jubair Rimu Md Jubair Islam Rimu
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Firstly, thanks for your efforts to visit my profile. I have been in this profession only for a handful of days. But I hope my efforts will make it up to the lacking of my professional experience. The services that I would be capable to provide are: 1. PowerPoint Presentations 2. Proofreading & editing 3. Creative Writing 4. Translation works 5. Painting and Sketching 6. Logo, banner and poster designing I know it’s tough to trust someone overseas, furthermore over business. But I assure that I will relinquish whatever I can to make it up to you. My goal is to help myself by helping you. And I want to help myself pretty bad. I see there are a lot more description space left. Should I add pros and cons of hiring me from a candid point of view? Well, let’s not waste the space. Pros: • Creative • Once started a project, don’t (want to) take break until it’s finished. • Integrity and honesty in any fiscal negotiation Cons: ◘ Procrastination (might start late but never finish late) ◘ Might sometimes get distracted by works of art (yes, I am a man of art, too) ◘ Can be a bit unprofessional (but hope it will not interfere with what I am to achieve here) I thought I will find out a plenty of pros and cons and here I am smiling about how little knowledge I carry about myself. But I intend to learn more about me from you. So please feel free to fill me up with works and review after I finish if you find me promising. Thanks a lot.

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